Painting & Dry Wall
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A Facelift for Your House!

Installing drywall can increase the longevity of your ceilings with fitted and well-defined corners. The pieces are easier to handle, and fixes are free of hassles. It is also very simple and requires fewer repairs. Our professionals are reputed for unmatched interior and exterior painting and drywall services to strengthen the ethos of your home and value of your property.


Painting increases aesthetics, property value, ventilation of interiors, provides protection, keeps stains at bay, and eliminates dust. Add the charm of your personality, the warmth of your loved ones, and living conveniences to updated home designs. We offer clean finishes and easy repair options. Let your rooms reflect your elegance.

This makes it very easy for you to take comfort knowing any time you utilize our services you can count on us to deliver simply the best painting or drywall services possible, with the highest attention to every minor detail!

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We always cover floors, fixture, furniture, and we remove the TV, electronics, as well as light and electricity covers.

At JES CONSTRUCTION we provide a wide variety of residential and commercial painting, trim work, wall-coverings, and drywall related services to meet every need that could ever occur. Regardless of the style of work or color choices you desire we have you covered.